College of English

          Located on the Jishan Campus of the Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages, the College of English has three departments, each with corresponding undergraduate majors: English, Business English, and Translation. In addition to these programs, Practical English is also taught as a higher vocational major. There are currently over 3700 full time students and more than 200 full time faculty members in the College of English, with 35% of the teachers being classified as either associate or full professors. There are seven faculty members with doctoral degrees, five postgraduate mentors, and one doctoral supervisor. Foreign teachers account for 20% of the faculty.

The college boasts the provincial-level key discipline of Foreign Languages and Literature and the provincial-level team of English teaching for undergraduates. The English major is the rising featured major of Zhejiang Province and the featured major of Shaoxing City. Practical English is a key major of Zhejiang Province.

The college has built a Zhejiang Provincial Demonstration Center for Foreign Languages Experimental Teaching –the Center for English Experimental Teaching. The center includes instructional and experimental equipment, such as Language Labs, Business Labs, the Simultaneous Interpretation Lab, and the Video Recording and Broadcasting Studios.

The college has developed partnerships with Northumbria University of the UK, California State University of the US, the University of Indianapolis of the US and other foreign universities. The qualified students can be admitted to these overseas universities for “dual degree programs”, by taking part in either “2+X” or “3+X” programs.

Graduates from the college are popular with the companies relating to international business and trade, as well as foreign affairs service. The employment rate has remained constant, over 97% for several years.

In order to further mobilize students’ initiative in study, lay a solid foundation of English for future study, and reduce the difficulty in choosing a major after the college entrance examination, all freshmen will be admitted without a major classification. After the first two years of study in general English as the foundation, they will select English, Business English or Translation as their major. The distribution of the major is determined by their own choices, their college entrance examination grades, and their GPA of the previous two years of study, as well as the availability of the desired classes.



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