College of International Business

       Located on the Jinghu Campus of Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages (thereafter referred to Yuexiu), College of International Business (CIB) has followed the motto of Yuexiu: "Harmony, Integrity, Success and Cultivation" and SPT Cultivation Program as its vision, and committed itself to the mission of “cultivating SME entrepreneurs and managerial talents.” Guided by teaching concepts featuring three combinations, namely the integration of language teaching and profession teaching, theory and practice teaching, local education and overseas education, CIB has established a cooperative mechanism with entrepreneurial and governmental organizations and institutions of higher learning home and aboard. It has turned into a reservoir of international and practical business talents for the economic and social development in Zhejiang Province and even the Delta Region.

CIB offers four bachelor’s programs--International Economics and Trade, Business Administration, International Commerce and Logistics Management. The BA programs have twelve research concentrations, such as textile & clothing trade, financial accounting, foreign trade accounting, international finance, transnational enterprise management, international logistics, transnational e-commerce. 

With the mission to cultivate high-quality and innovative business talents featuring global vision, professional competence and language proficiency, CIB has initiated such programs as International Class, MBA Program and Entrepreneurial Incubation Class in Transnational E-commerce. 

CIB adopts a multi-disciplinary instruction model for International Class.: The curricula covers all the core courses offered in similar programs home and abroad. Many courses for International Economics and Trade majors use textbooks in original English version and are taught in English and Chinese or solely in English.

CIB has taken “Innovation, Creativity, Entrepreneurship” as its motto for MBA program, and engaged students in entrepreneurship theory and practice activities.

For the Entrepreneurial Incubation Class in Transnational E-commerce, CIB has mixed the Business Management majors with foreign languages students to build startup teams.

We have established professional simulation labs and comprehensive experimental teaching centers. The two experimental teaching centers for Economic Management and International Commerce majors are municipal teaching demonstration centers, which consist of five labs at department level to meet the needs of experimental teaching and virtual practice.

The two disciplines, Applied Economics and Business Management, which are the school-level key discipline and key support discipline, have made significant contributions to the cultivation of business talents and further development of regional economy.

At present, CIB has 113 full-time and part-time faculties, including 89 members in teaching staff. Of the total number, 64.6% hold master degrees and doctoral degrees, 28 are associate professors, and 19 are professors.

We have steady cooperative relations with many international institutions in the US and France running joint programs for MA degree study, and established links with universities in Taiwan, China working on programs of degree or non-degree study.

The Chinese philosopher Confucius says: “Isn’t it a great joy to have friends coming from afar!” CIB seeks to establish cooperative relations with prominent overseas and domestic institutions of higher learning in programs for students and the teaching staff.

With an emphasis on developing students’ capacity for innovation and entrepreneurship, CIB has greatly inspired and rendered full support to our students in starting businesses. 


CIB graduates are especially suited for cross-cultural business environments with English as working language, and are well received by the society. Over the past years its rate of employment remains above 97%, one of the highest among the colleges at Yuexiu.

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