College of Chinese Language and Literature

          Located on the Jinghu Campus of ZheJiang University of Foreign Languages, the College of Chinese Language and Literature has established two majors: Chinese Linguistics & Literature and Chinese Education for Overseas Students, both of which are all special majors at the school level. It also undertakes both teaching and management of overseas students. The College has set up the Department of Chinese Linguistics & Literature and the Department of Chinese Education for Overseas Students with 1,065 full-time undergraduates and 119 overseas students.

The College has 35 full-time teachers with a balanced structure in age, degree, and title which includes 8 professors, 8 associate professors, 23 with doctoral degrees. 80% of all teachers are above Master’s degrees. Currently, the College has one young and mid-aged subject leader, one nominated “151 Talent Project” teacher, one “Zhijiang Young Scholar of Social Science” of Zhejiang Province, one model worker of Zhejiang Province, and one excellent teacher of Zhejiang Province.

Our College has established a first tier key subject at school level “Chinese Linguistic & Literature”, a municipal cultural innovation team ”DaYu Cultural Innovation Team”, a municipal key research base of philosophy & social science “Shaoxing DaYu Cultural Research Center”, together with two school research centers: “Chinese Literature and Chinese Culture Research Center” and “DaYu and Chinese Traditional Culture Research Center.” Our College has set up one provincial excellent course, one municipal excellent course, one provincial teaching reform project, and one municipal teaching reform project. For the past three years teachers of our College have contributed ten research projects at provincial level or above, with one project supported by the National Social Science, eleven published academic monographs, and thirty published academic thesis at CSSCI or above.

The College focuses on improving the educational quality of talents. Therefore, our majors are closely related to social demands with a unique feature. Many employers favor our graduates, bringing a wider opportunity for them. Previously, all graduates maintain an employment rate above 97%.

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