Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages UIndy International College

        Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages UIndy International College (hereafter referred to as International College), officially filed by the Ministry of Education and approved by the People's Government of Zhejiang Province, is an International cooperative educational institution jointly run by Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages and University of Indianapolis, a hundred-year-old American university.

The International College adopts the advanced American teaching principle, teaching program, curriculum system and system of education and teaching assessment. The curriculum, syllabus, and teaching management are jointly decided by Yuexiu and the University of Indianapolis through consultation. The core courses are synchronized with the University of Indianapolis and are taught jointly by Chinese and foreign teachers. For the assurance of teaching quality, the University of Indianapolis participates in the teaching assessment and teacher's competence evaluation of the International College.

Staffed by Chinese and foreign teachers, the International College has Dr. Phylis Lan Lin as Senior Associate Dean, who is a professor of Sociology, the Associate VP for International Partnerships at University of Indianapolis, and Director of Asian Programs.

The International College aims at the cultivation of application-oriented talents with International mindset and vision, knowledge of international conventions and rules, possession of a strong ability of cross-cultural communication, and competence of independently taking part in International business competition and cooperation.

Students of the International College could be granted a higher vocational graduation certificate by Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages after taking all the compulsory courses without failure record. Meanwhile, they could also be granted an associate degree diploma by University of Indianapolis if they reach the requirements of the Uindy degree. After graduation, students could choose to apply for further study at Indianapolis to get a bachelor degree.

Advantages of the International College

We offer an easy channel towards studying at an American University.

1. Save Time and Money: By taking the training form of synchronized courses and credit transfer, the International College offers a time and money-saving way to those who wish to study at an American university.

2. Convenient and Safe: After completing the three-year study with qualified grades and scoring the required IELTS by Uindy, students could be granted a higher vocational degree by Yuexiu and an associate degree diploma by the University of Indianapolis. Besides, the grade-qualified students could directly take undergraduate study at Indianapolis without asking help from an overseas study agency which is rather convenient and safe.

3. Assured Quality: Talent development taken at the International College is strictly in line with SPT Talent Development Requirements of Yuexiu. Meanwhile, the English and professional education is in conformity with the quality standards of the University of Indianapolis. Students could get a diploma from both Yuexiu and Indianapolis if their grades meet the requirements. Thus the quality of talent development is guaranteed.

Receive High-quality American Education At Home

1. Cooperative Education and Advanced Principle: We have introduced advanced American teaching principles to guide and manage the talent training.

2. Original Textbook and Shared Resources: Through cooperative education, we could share the high-quality education resources of the University of Indianapolis and use the original American textbooks on some courses. The University of Indianapolis, our cooperative party, was founded in 1902. It is situated in the city of Indianapolis, the state capital of Indiana in the mid-west region of America. With 70 bachelor's degree programs, 22 master's degree programs and 5 doctoral degree programs, the University of Indianapolis is a hundred-year-old university committed to training students' comprehensive quality and developing them to be efficient, responsible with good social skills. Students come from over 50 countries and regions to attend the university.

3. Chinese and American Teachers, Intensive English Teaching: Teachers at the International College include both foreign teachers and outstanding Chinese teachers, which provide an original language learning atmosphere for students to enhance their English language ability and international communication.

Distinctive English teaching

1. Small-size Classes: We design small classes in organization to guarantee the quality of teaching and talent development.

2. English Instruction: We use English as the primary language in teaching and daily management to comprehensively enhance students' ability of foreign language application and meet the needs of taking American courses.

    3. Intensified IELTS teaching: English is the key requirement in core competencies. Besides, scoring 5.5 in IELTS is a decisive condition for students to receive the American Uindy education and study further, so we focus on the IELTS teaching. We take the form of team cooperation and set the IELTS teaching group, composed only of teachers with overseas background. The teachers teach IELTS listening, speaking, writing or reading according to their own strengths and the features of IETLS. All teaching is taken in the small classes to assure students more opportunities to engage in the class activities.


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