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In the afternoon of December 24th, teachers and students in Classroom 3-3o5 were immersed in great Festive atmosphere with the room being decorated with colorful ribbons and pictures of Santa Claus. This was where the 2014 Christmas Party and Award Presentation Ceremony for International Students was to be held.

Those present were all the international students in the University, their Chinese learning partners, deputy dean of College of Chinese, deputy secretary Quan Jigang, teachers of the international students and the Administrative personnel.  

The party started at half past three with two videos shown to most students their changes over the time they spent in Yue Xiu in the past year. The ceremony was called to order after that. Deputy dean Chen gave a speech of the work concerning the international students in the past semester. Deputy party secretary Quan Jigang also gave a brief introduction of the series of activities organized for international students this term. Thereafter, the two leaders presented the scholarships to 12 students who succeeded in their application for the “Zhejiang Province International Students’ Scholarship.” Even though not all of them won the scholarship, “SPT International Students’ Scholarship” was set up in the University to inspire them to learn Chinese have work harder. In 2014, altogether 10 students won the University international students’ scholarship.

After the award ceremony, one of the award winners, Dong Zhenni gave a speech as the representative of the international students. In her speech, she said that this ceremony witnessed her progress in learning Chinese and she was happy to have made a lot of friends.

Soon afterwards, two award winners of the campus poem reciting competition read two famous Chinese poems to the audience. The melodious music and their wonderful performance brought the audience into the beautiful picture painted by the poems.

After the poetry reading, teachers of the international students present the awards to the winners of the “Enjoy Learning Chinese” series competition. It is understood that to interest the international students in Chinese learning, and provide an opportunities for them to show their progress, the first “Enjoy Learning Chinese” Series Competition was held between the 3rd and 12th of December. The competition consisted of group reading contest, dictation contest, Chinese writing contest, and individual reading contest.  The competition was a great success with  enthusiastic participation of all the students and at the ceremony they won the applauses they deserved. The success also inspired they to pursue progress in the next competition.

The international student Boris from Russia sang a Chinese Song Nothing to Lose which won over the whole audience for his great Chinese pronunciation and singing skills.

Being always by the side of the international students are their Chinese learning partners from the School of Chinese. They have been offering helps not only in the language learning process, but also in the international students’ life. They have gradually become the Chinese friends of the international student. In this semester, 10 students won the name of “Excellent Chinese Learning Partners for International Students” for their great performance in their responsibilities. Their awards were presented by university leaders who encourage them to keep up the good work in the future. 

The night had a perfect end with all the students singing the famous Chinese song Friends.


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