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    In the afternoon of December 17th 2014, the football teams of Zhejiang Yuexiu and Shaoxing university got together in the Nan Shan campus of Shaoxing University for a friendly match. The team of Yuexiu was made up of 14 players including international students from Yemen, Turkey, Tajikistan, Mexico,etc.

The match began at 3 p.m.. After the kick-off by players from Yuexiu, the team organized systematic attacks, and two chances to make a shot was created by the players. Students cheering the team at the sidelines were excited by such progress. However, great cooperation between players and their skilled technique won the Shaoxing university team two goals respectively at the 11th and 29th minute. However, being two point behind did not deter the Yuexiu Team players from launching attacks and their efforts helped them win back 1 point before the first half ended.

In the second half of the game, players from Yuexiu kept on launching attack and competition between the teams grew more intense. The tight defense from the players of Shaoxing University kept its competitor from scoring. Both teams made substitutions but no goal was made. Finally the match ended with the Shaoxing University won 2to 1.

In this competition, players from both university showed team work spirit, activeness and aggressiveness. The game was also enjoyed by both players and the spectators and at the end of the game, friendship among the students was strengthened. A group photo was taken at the end of the match which drew the competition to a perfect conclusion.


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