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Chinese Poem Reciting Contest – Final Contest of the First "Enjoy Learning Chinese" Series Competitions

The "Enjoy Learning Chinese" series competition, organized by College of Chinese Language and Culture, provided an opportunity for international students to improve Chinese speaking. This competition consisted of Chinese recognizing, listening, reciting and writing contests. Students has been greatly inspired and improved their Chinese through this competition. At 15:30, December 12th 2014, the first session of “Enjoy Learning Chinese" competition was held in the Room 3-219. Teacher Liu Lisping, Cao Chunking, Zeng Kai, Zhang Yin acted as the judges, and Korean student Cui Guilin was the hostess of this competition.

As the last contest “Enjoy Learning Chinese” series competition, the participation of 17 foreign students made the competition in this contest even more fierce and interesting. Contestants chose poems with various themes and rich content. For example, there were famous masterpiece like “Somebody”, “If you were deceived by life”, and “Nostalgia”; modern poems like “Falling Snow” and “My Beloved Motherland” and ancient poem like “Prelude to Water Melody”. Judges spoke highly of the contestants of the second group, Lee Seulgi and Kim Nakyeong for their good stage manners. Miss Liu thought, the players of this group not only did a good job in the consistency of poem and background music, but also dressed up to show the premium they put on the contest. After the fierce competition, Nguyen Dinhtuan, a foreign student from Vietnam won the first prize with “Four Rhyme of Nostalgia".


Throughout this competition, NGUYEN DINH TUAN spoke the most standard mandarin among all the competitors. Once he spoke on the stage, audiences were surprised by him. Mr. Zhang Yin said Your Chinese is amazing. You can not only recite without drafts, but also well control the pace while reciting. However, there were still some words you can not pronounce correctly. I hope you can take some time to practice them.

After the competition, NGUYEN DINH TUAN said in the interview that he was really happy for he won the first prize. When asked about how he felt on stage, he said honestly, although he had used today’s poem to participate in a similar competition, he still felt very nervous on the stage. He said "It took me two or three days to prepare. I missed my families very much, homesickness helped me express my true feelings. This is a meaningful competition, I can learn Chinese culture while communicating with others, meanwhile I can make more friends through this competition.

Mr. Zeng had also expressed his opinions of this competition. Everyone had made great efforts in this competition and showed great enthusiasm for the competition. Each had showed his or her strength. And Student Boris Shulman's Prelude to Water Melody made a good expression on Mr. Zeng, His suddenly drop in key while speaking made the audience burst out laughing. But the confidence and his expression helped him win the second place of this competition.

The end of the reciting competition brought the first “Enjoy Learning Chinese" series competition to a successful end. It is hope that this kind of competition could be better held, and the students could learn more about Chinese language and Chinese culture.


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