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 Let’s Show Our Progress in Chinese Handwriting

First “Enjoy Learning Chinese” Series Competition in Yuexiu

At 15:30 December 10th, Chinese dictation contest as part of the first “Enjoy Learning Chinese” series competition was held in classroom 3-219 by the Chinese language and culture department. Contestants of the competition were international students from

Contestants participated as groups. Compared with “”, this contest was more difficult for international students. It not only required the students to have a large vocabulary, but also demanded the ability to write Chinese characters correctly. The competition was divided into four parts, testing the students’ skills in characters, words and phrases’ understanding and writing skills. Sometimes we witnessed their proud for correctly wrote down some difficult words and sometimes their disappointment in failing to do so . The lightning round brought the competition to the climax. Their wonderful performance in this part won them applauses.

After fierce competition group two with Naser and DO HEEWON as its members won the contest. Naser also took home the prize of the “Best Contestant.” Xi Meng was named the “Most Friendly Contestant” and Sha Haibi “Contestant with the Best Handwriting”. After the contest, the hostess of the competition CHOI HYELYN said in an interview that “ This is a very meaningful competition. I myself am an international student. This competition reminded me of the person that I was three years ago when I first came to China. My participation in this contest let me see that there is still much for me to learn in speaking and writing Chinese.”


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