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 Welcome Week for International Students in the Second Semester of 2014-2015

Academic Year

Welcome week activities for foreign students were held between March 12th and March 18th. In this week, foreign students not only had their entrance examinations, physical examinations and other necessary check-ups, but also enjoyed the welcome week specially prepared for them.

First, they attended  “treasure hunt” trip organized by the university which had them go around the campus to finish appointed tasks with the help of different signs.

For instance, they went to the canteen and took photos with the chefs

They also went to infirmary and learned about some medicines

These tasks not only helped students get to know the school infrastructures, but also enabled them to adjust to Yuexiu's learning environment and culture. Next, they paid a visit to the famous Chinese writer Luxuns former residents and learnt more about his contribution to the country.

After that, they went to Cangqiao Street to get a closer contact with Shaoxing’s ancient street culture, while happily wandering along the lanes together, where they also tried the Shaoxing rice wine, stinky tofu, and some other local food.

In the week, they went to AnChang town to appreciate ancient town of Shaoxing and its "salted-meat" culture. Gradually, they got to know more about Shaoxing and were appeal to the charm of the city.

At last, the school organized students to visit the old campus --Jishan campus, to appreciate the campus' old building and Yuexiu culture, and communicate with the Korean major and Japanese major students. Students from both campuses were very happy to introduce themselves and discuss topic of their own interests.

In this welcome week, all the international students’ fondness of the both the university and the city grew stronger.


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