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 Language Learning Partners Meeting in the Second Semester of 2014-2015

A meeting of the work of language learning partner for international students was held at 1230 on April 8th, in class3-305, Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages by College of Chinese Language and Culture. In the meeting, Cao Chunjing, representative of international students’ teacher, was invited to train the partners for international students.


At the meeting, Miss Cao explained specifically the responsibilities of language exchange partners. She thought, the main responsibility of language exchange partners should include Chinese oral communication and tutoring, which would help foreign students improve listening and speaking skills. In addition, she expressed her hope that language learning partners would teach foreign students in accordance with their aptitude, use different counseling methods and choose different counseling content, make detailed tutoring plans and record them in “the language learning partner’ work diary”.

At the end of the meeting, Miss Cao reminded the language learning partners that they should pay attention to the cultural differences and behave themselves, speak politely, respect each other and be responsible for their jobs to get along with foreign students. This meeting gave language partners of international students a clear understanding of their work and indicated the direction in their future counseling work.

Pairing international students with language learning partners is a tradition in Yuexiu. It is popular among both international and Chinese students, for it not only provides a practice opportunity for the Chinese students who major in Chinese international education, but also helps foreign students in their Chinese studies. Students in Yuexiu are eager to participate in it each semester. In this semester, 53 students had been chosen.


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