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The 2nd Meeting of International Students’ Language Partners in 2nd Semester of Academic Year 2014-2015

At 1230 on May 6th 2015, the second meeting of foreign students' language partners was successfully held in Room 3-305 by College of Chinese Language and Culture. The attendance included 56 language partners and teachers of the international students. The meeting was chaired by Chen Hengjin, deputy dean of Chinese Language and Cultures College.

During the meeting, Chen informed the audience of problems language partners encounters Mandarin tutoring last semester, and also stressed the importance of language partners’ capability and overall knowledge. He insisted that partners be responsible and dependable when helping international students with their Chinese, and be instructive in their communications. They should detect and correct the mistakes and try to help their partners improve their Chinese. To be more specific, for example, they should pay attention to the writing and spelling skills for level 1 students; try to encourage level 2 students to make sentences; knowing the weakness of their partners and help to improve.

Meanwhile, Mr. Chen praised language partners for the wonderful work they’d done in their "Diaries" and hoped them could keep this good habit of recording Mandarin instruction regularly. Finally, he expressed his expectations to language partners, and wished them could find the true meaning and value of their in works as the language learning partner and instructor, and become the bridge of cross-cultural communications.

She also suggested that language partners should make a definite teaching plan for their partners, meanwhile, not only focus on their courses, but also practice their oral English. Sometimes, they could also give their partners quiz and tests of Chinese. Thus, international students could make a progress in their Chinese, and language partners could consolidate their professional knowledge and competence.  It would be a win-win solution for all of them.

In the Q&Q session at the end of the meeting, language partners asked questions regarding the problems they encountered which were answered by the teachers who offered many useful suggestions.



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