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 Trip to Mount Huang – A great Way to Experience Chinese Culture

On April 17th and 18th , activities that aimed to help international students experience Chinese culture brought them to the Famous Chinese Mountain. The group of 60 was made up of students from Yemen, Korea, Morocco, America, Indonesia, Iran, Afghanistan, etc.

With sneakers on and backpacks ready, everyone set out on their journey to Huang at half past seven on the 17th. Though the bus ride took quite a few hours, the whole trip was made shorter by all the happiness in laughter and singing.

The first stop of the trip was Huizhou Ancient Street.

At this stop, all the students got a taste of various local specialties and cuisines such as Huizhou wonton, freshly baked flaky bakery, dried mushrooms and Osmanthus Cake. Every shop here offered free samples to customers which gave the students the opportunity to try more local foods. They were also quite impressed by all the novel and fancy art works and souvenirs.

Next stop brought all of them to the Jiulong Waterfall. There they could not only admire the beautiful scenery, but also have a great warm-up for next day’s trip. They took a group shot in order to remember the green mountains and clear waters and beautiful waterfall.

Dinner that night featured simple local dishes. They all had an early night to be fully prepared for the mountain climbing next day.

When the day finally arrived, the large amount of Mount Huang climbers took all of them by surprise. They couldn’t help but marveled at the huge crowd them saw.

15minutes’ Cable car gave them a bird’s eye view of the breathtaking view of Mount Huang.

The cable car took all of them to the altitude of 1,600 meters. They climbed the last 200 meters to the peak named “Guang Ming Peak” which is known to all as the must-see in Mount Huang. With each other’s help and encouragement, everyone made it to the top and finally got the full view of the scenic spot from its very top.

This trip not only offered great experiences, but also built the group into a true team which made it a meaningful journey truly worth remembering. 



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