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 No boundaries could stop the spread of love

From 12:00 to 15:00 on May 8th, international volunteer team from College of Chinese Language and Culture held an fund-raising for the children in Nepal in front of the university canteen. They sold Korean cosmetics, clothes, self-made dessert, and did make-up in order to collect money to be sent to Nepal.


Nepal, a place like heaven to many people and appeals them to go traveling, was shaken by an 8.1-magnitude earthquake and turned into a hell on May 25th. The earthquake caused a casualty of more than 7557 people and 14536 people were injured. Many houses were destroyed, children left helpless. After reading this news,  international students in the university instantly decided organize the donation to raise money for the children in Nepal.

During this activity, Korean students brought self-made ice fruits salads, Korean clothes and cosmetics. To serve the customers, they all worked very hard though their Chinese is imperfect. We are all volunteers. While seeing the news,  we made up our mind to do this charity to help Nepal children. One of the initiators-- CHOI YOOJIN-- the Korean student said.

During the activity, their booth was bustling with customers. Many students stopped to have a look at the Korean makeup and try the delicious dessert. They said the food was very tasty and they will follow this kind of charity activity in the future. “This is quite an novel activity and the way they show love and kindness is great. I will support them.” A student named Yao Jiayang said.

At the end of the activity, all together766 RMB was raised by the contribution of students. All the money would be sent to Nepal through Shaoxing Charity.


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