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 Great Success of The paper cutting Contest The Second Session of the" Enjoy Learning Chinese" Series Competition

At 12:30 May 13th, the second session of the "Enjoy Learning Chinese " series competition, namely the paper cutting contest was held in Chinese corner on the first floor of Chinese Language and Culture College. It was participate by all the international students. Those present also included the teachers from the department and Haiping Qian, vice secretary of Zhejiang folk art institution, director of Shaoxing artists association who acted as the instructor and judge of the contest.


At 12:30, the contest began with a brief introduction given by deputy dean Hengjin Chen in which he thanked all the students for their enthusiasm and participation.

After the speech, all contestants started learning paper cutting. Ms Qian introduced the art of paper cutting by showing her own works the “Chinese Wedding Customs” series to the foreign students, which impressed them a lot. After clasing observing and appreciating the fantastic works, all the students applauded the teacher for all her wonderful works and great paper cutting skills. A Yemen student saidthey are so beautiful that I can’t help but want to them back to decorate my dorm with them!

Later, foreign students started to practice paper-cutting. The instructor Ms Qian demonstrated for them while explained the methods of cutting paper. “Be careful when you’re doing the cut, make sure you cut in the right direction. Dont cut the paper off, then you will have the shape you like. According to the teacher's explanation, foreign students picked up the scissors and red paper and cut in the way of the teacher’s. However, what may sound really simple could be proved to be quite difficult. Some foreign students accidentally cut off the red paper. Some students’ works looked quite different from the teacher’s. Some students chose to do the cutting by their own method. Of course, there were students who were quite handy with the scissors and easily cut out very nice patterns. With smiles and laughter, they were able to finish their paper-cut one after another.

Foreign students who finished the paper-cut early were delighted and rushed to display their masterpieces to the teacher. The smiles on their faces showed their confidence of their own works. During those two hours, theyve learned a lot while practicing. In the end, the teacher announced the results of this activity. JEON MINKYEONG from South Korea won the first prize. MUSTAFA ALI ABDO ALI and YASLAM NASSER from Yemen, JEONG ILHWAN from Korea, YAMAMOTO SHOYA from Japan took the second prize, and the others won third prize and excellent work award. Through this activity, foreign students acquired a lot about paper cutting. They were not only appealed to the charm of the paper-cut, but also felt the happiness of the cooperation between classmates. Meanwhile it brought teachers and schoolmates closer. The “Enjoy Learning Chinese” series competition with paper-cut activity being one of its sessions will include Chinese characters recognition, reciting and cooking activities as well. In these activities great performance from foreign students would be expected.


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