Brief Introduction to Shaoxing

Shaoxing, located in the southern part of the Yangtze Delta between Hangzhou and Ningbo, is in the north of Zhejiang. 

The city covers 8,256 square kilometers and has a population of 4,370,600 in 2008. Shaoxing and Xinchang County, cities of Zhuji , Shangyu, and Shengzhou, and Yuecheng District are all under the jurisdiction of the city of Shaoxing. 

The city enjoys a long history, and has cultivated countless celebrities such as Wang Xizhi, Lu You, Cai Yuanpei, Qiu Jin, Lu Xun, Zhou Enlai, Zhu Kezhe and Ma Yinchu. 

The late Chairman Mao Zedong used to call Shaoxing “birthplace of celebrities”. Known as the capital of waters, bridges, wine, calligraphy and personages, Shaoxing is one of the National Historical and Cultural Cities that has been earliest nominated as the outstanding tourist cities. It is also one of the most important open cities in southern Yangtze Delta, with its government laying great efforts on its development.

In 2008, the GDP in the county of Shaoxing reached 60,800,000 RMB, and GDP per capita among the registered residents is $12,000. The two statistics both rank first among that of all the counties in Zhejiang. The GDP of the city of Shaoxing ranked fourth in Zhejiang, after Hangzhou, Ningbo and Wenzhou. The city of Shaoxing is one of the top ten cities in China, while the county of Shaoxing is among the top ten counties. Shaoxing also wins nationwide fame as an international fabric trade center.

The Glory of Shaoxing
In 2006, the World Bank made an estimate of the investment environment in more than 120 cities in China, and put Shaoxing on the list of the six “Cities of Gold Medal”.

In 2006, Shaoxing’s GDP reached 167,800,000 RMB, ranking the 31st in China, and the 11th cities of similar type in China.

In 2005, Shaoxing made its mark on list of “50 most competitive cities in China” provided by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, ranking the 29th.

In 2005, Shaoxing placed 45th among China’s top hundred cities of comprehensive economic strength according to the National Bureau of Statistics, ranking 3rd in Zhejiang Province.

In 2005, all of the counties under jurisdiction of Shaoxing were on the list of China’s top hundred counties of comprehensive economic strength.

In 2005, 34 townships under jurisdiction of Shaoxing were nominated among the top 1,000 townships. Among these 34 townships, Yangxunqiao, Datang and Diankou were ranked in the top 20

According to the statistics provided by the National Bureau of Statistics, of Shaoxing’s rural areas, the construction of a moderately prosperous society had been completed by 74.6 by 2005. The number ranks fourth in Zhejiang province.

By the end of 2006, Shaoxing boasted 55 national renowned brands. The number is the second highest in Zhejiang Province, which renders Shaoxing as one of China’s 12 Cities of Brand Economy and 6 Capitals of Brands.

In 2006, Shaoxing ranked 13th on the list of mainland China’s best commercial cities according to Forbes.
In 2006, in China’s first list of nonmaterial cultural relics, as many as ten entries were from Shaoxing. The number tops all the prefecture-level cities in China.

In 2006, Shaoxing scored 20th in living quality among all the cities in China, and 3rd in Zhejiang.

In 2005, The Website of China Cities came out with a list of China’s most favorite cities. Shaoxing ranked 28th in China, and 3rd in Zhejiang.

In 2002, the National Committee of Patriotism and Sanitation entitled Shaoxing as one of “China’s Most Hygienic Cities”. 

In 2002, State Environmental Protection Administration awarded Shaoxing with the title of “National Model City of Environmental Protection'.

In 2004, the National Ministry of Construction named Shaoxing 'National Garden City'.

In 2005, the Ministry of Construction and National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued a document, naming Shaoxing 'National water-saving Cities'.

In 2006, the Ministry of Construction awarded Shaoxing with 'China Habitat Environment Prize'.

In 2005, Shaoxing was appointed by the Central Committee of Civilization as 'City Advanced in Working toward a National Civilized City”.

In 2005, Shaoxing was rated “National Excellent City in Comprehensive Management”

In 2006, the National Bureau of Statistics of China announced the “500 Most Competitive Large Enterprises or Corporations”, 22 of which were from Shaoxing. The number ranked 2nd in Zhejiang.

In 2006, the National Bureau of Statistics released the top 500 in China's manufacturing industry, among which eight were from Shaoxing.

In 2005, National Federation of Industry and Commerce released the top 500 private enterprises, 51 of which come from Shaoxing. The number exceeded that of most cities in China, ranking the second in Zhejiang.

In 2005, 37 of Shaoxing’s enterprises ranked among the top hundred private enterprises in Zhejiang Province. The number was the highest among the cities in Zhejiang.

In 2006, as many as seven of Shaoxing’s companies ranked among China's top 500 IT companies. 

The number of Shaoxing’s short-listed companies was the second highest among cities in Zhejiang.

According to the 'Survey in Competitiveness of Chinese Cities’ Urban Tourism' in 2006, except for municipalities, Shaoxing’s competitiveness ranked No.19 in China, and No. 3 in Zhejiang Province.

In 2005, State Environmental Protection Administration released the quantitative assessment on comprehensive environmental management of 509 cities nationwide. Shaoxing scored the highest in Zhejiang.

In 2006, The City of Shaoxing was entitled as one of the “100 Cities with the Best Investment Environment'. Shaoxing’s overall score tied with Hangzhou and Ningbo on top of Zhejiang Province.

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