Regulations of Teaching Affairs

Chapter 1: Enrollment and Registration

Chapter 1: Enrollment and Registration

1.Please take your passport, visa invitation, letter of admission and JW202 form to have your qualification verifies at the Foreign Affairs Department.

2. Take relevant documents, go to your college and complete the enrollment.

3.Have a health check in the appointed hospital at the specified time. If the health check results do not meet the requirement for enrollment, you will be unregistered.


Chapter 2: Determination of the Class Levels and Transfer of Classes

4.First, you should participate in the placement test the result of which will determine your class level. Second, third or fourth year students’ class level would be determined by the test result of the previous semester or academic year. Please attend your specified classes only. Sitting in or attending other unassigned classes is not allowed.

5.If the class doesn’t suit your level of Chinese, please apply to transfer classes within the first week of the semester.


Chapter 3: Class Rules and Attendance

6.You should follow the class rules listed below:

1) Do not be late for class or leave early;

2) Do not eat, make phone calls, or disturb others during lectures.

7.If you cannot attend class, please ask your teacher or other Foreign Affairs Department teachers for a leave of absence.

Fill out the form for a leave of absence in advance (attach the ticket later). If you are to leave China, please ask for a leave of absence. If you fail to attend class and do not have a signed form for leave of absence, you will be recorded as being absent.

8.The school will collect attendance records on a weekly basis and give you warnings for absences without proper reasons. When your absence reach certain amount, you will be withdrawn from the course.

9.International students will have the same holiday schedule as the Chinese students.


Chapter 4: Course Assessment and Records and Certificates of Assessment Results

10. Students must participate in examinations according to the requirement of their courses’ teaching programs.

11.Candidates who are unable to take the exam at the specified time due to illness or emergency have to turn in a written application for Deferment of Examination to the Foreign Affairs Office and provide relevant proof. They must also arrange a make-up exam upon approval by the Foreign Affairs Office.

12. For any one of the following situations, students will not be allowed to take a make-up exam:

1) Students who have missed more than 1/3 of a class (including sick leave, personal leave, and absenteeism) will be disqualified from taking the final exam, resulting in a grade of zero of the semester with no make-up exams allowed.

2) Students who are charged with serious violations of the examination rules, cheating during an exam, or are absent during an exam with no proper reason will not be allowed to take the final exam, resulting in a semester grade of zero with no make-up exams allowed.


Chapter 5: School Report Card, Schooling Certificate, and Certificate of Completion

13.Students who take part in the final exam can obtain transcripts after the term. If a Certificate of Completion is required, they should apply for it at the Foreign Affairs Office with a two weeks’ notice.

14.Students in one of the following circumstances cannot get the term’s Certificate of Completion but will be provided a Schooling Certificate for that term:

1) Students who miss the final exam without proper reason.

2) Students who withdraw from the course before the term ends due to personal reasons.

3) Students who are disqualified to take the final exam due to personal reasons.

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