The regulations on the entry and exit administration

Valid Stay in China

Every foreigner must have a valid passport and visa/residence permit to stay in China. Staying with expired or fake passport or visa/residence permit will be treated as illegal. It will lead to a warning, fine, being taken into custody or even being repatriated back. Therefore, please pay attention to the status of your passport and visa/residence permit and make sure not to leave them expired.

The department of entry and exit of the Public Security Bureau(Police) is the authority for these affairs of foreigners, which plays the similar role as the Immigration in some countries.

Foreigners who live in China should also register their local address at the police station where they reside. Within 24 hours of moving into a new place, foreigners should take their passport to the local police station or other authorized organization with his/her landlord to get an issued form/certificate. In some hotels and apartments, it can be processed directly at the reception upon check in. Please carefully keep the accommodation registration form/certificate with the passport and bring them together when you go out.


Visa and Residence Permit

For students holding an X2 visa issued by the diplomatic missions outside of China, the expiration is usually indicated by the number of days they are allowed to stay in China. When you pass the border inspection upon entry into China, your passport will be stamped with an ellipse-shaped entry stamp with your date of entry. From that date on, you can stay in China for the indicated number of days. For instance, a student holding a 180-day F visa who enters China on Aug 27, 2012 will be able to stay until Feb 23, 2013 with that visa. (Note: 180 days are several days shorter than 6 months.)

For X visas, the number of entries for the visa holder is also indicated. The single entry visa issued in other countries cannot be used again after entry into China.

The X visa issued by the diplomatic missions outside of China is only for a single entry and valid for 30 days after entry. The student should apply for a residence permit for study in 30 days. Usually, the verification of the physical examination report and blood test report issued by the Inspection and Quarantine authority is necessary. Please ask the Foreign Affairs Department staff for detailed information if necessary.

A student holding a residence permit has multiple entries before it expires and does not have to apply for another visa to re-enter China within the validity period.

The Department of Foreign Affairs provides necessary visa application documents only for students who have registered to study in Yuexiu University.

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